Here are a few testimonials about HomeCare & Hospice of the Valley.

The following quotes are from patients, families, doctors, volunteers, and supporters.


“You guys are AMAZING! This time in my life was  very difficult and my grandmother’s nurse made the inevitable easier to accept and deal with. I am sure my grandma would agree.”“To everyone at Hospice of the Valley, on behalf of my mother, my sister and myself, thank you very much. Because of you my mother was able to live at her home until she passed away. We couldn’t have done it without you!”“Thank you for your care, your devotion, your amazing support, and your love throughout our mom’s last months. We are all so deeply touched.”


“People are so spooked by the whole idea of this natural process, that they think that signing up is going to cause them to think about death more, and, therefore, die sooner. I’m here to testify that’s not true. You don’t die any sooner because you signed those papers, and once again, you establish some control.  I am here to testify that that simply isn’t true.” 


“My husband used to call me Wonder Woman, but I could not have taken care of him on my own.”

“The choice of Hospice allowed my mother to be the author of her own end-of-life story.”


“Hospice was able to keep our 17-year-old son comfortable so he could fish and do all the things he loved right up until the end.”


“When my parents met with Hospice, we knew her delivery would be safe and assured…The incredible Hospice staff and nurses helped us to understand the dying process…With their support we knew that what our mother was going through was completely natural.”


“…Thank you so much for all you did for my friend. You helped us through such a difficult time in such a graceful way. What a blessing you are to the families of this community…”


“…Just a note to let you know how much you are all appreciated and admired.”


“Mere words can not express my appreciation for the care given by you, not only for my husband, but for the concern shown to me…you were the only one to get a smile from him on many days and your hugs helped me to carry on.”


“I can’t even imagine the strength and courage it takes to do what you do, but Thank God you do! We feel so lucky to have had you be in this part of our lives.”


“Your team has been extremely friendly, compassionate and professional…I did appreciate all your visits and cherish your friendship.”

“You helped us care for mom in a way that honored and respected her wishes. Thank you.”

“To all the compassionate people at Hospice of the Valley, how fortunate that we were to have you help and care for our mother at the end of her life. You have no idea how perfect your care, words and actions were at a difficult time for us. You truly surrounded our mother with loving hands and made her passing so peaceful.”

“By and large, hospice helps people stay in their homes, instead of going to a hospital they’ll never leave. But it sometimes means getting patients strong, or simply pain-free, enough to do something they’ve always wanted to do, like travel to Hawaii.”


“Thank you for your care, your devotion, your amazing support, your love throughout our mom’s last months. We are all so deeply touched.”


“Thank you for surrounding my mom with love and prayer and easing her into the next life.”


“Your kindnesses and care made her last months tolerable eve to moments of strength and quiet reflection. She shared her appreciation and her family reflects that thankfulness fully.”


“Thank you so much for sharing your heart and wisdom with all of us. The Hospice community is so lucky to have you.”


“Your efforts have created precious memories for us.”


“With all the kindness in their hearts, Hospice helped my great grandma die. They helped her so she could die in her beautiful home, surrounded by her family. I was sad she went to heaven, but I was glad that you helped us. This will be my first Christmas without her, and I will miss her a lot. Thank you all, so, so much. It was a glory to have you there with us. She would be so happy. Thank you!”


“You helped our loved one transition from this life to his next in such a beautiful and compassionate way. It was so peaceful and calm thanks to your excellent care. Nurse to nurse I admire each of you and believe that you are Angels of Mercy. God’s love in action. Thank you.”


“You guys are awesome, every time I would need a question answered you’d have an answer before I would ask. Your support through these times is appreciated.”


“I will be forever grateful for you beautiful presence in our lives. I could not have asked for a more meaningful, spiritual, loving service to honor my mother.”

Annual Report 2018

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