5 Facts About Hospice Care

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One thing we hear most from our families is, “We wish we would have known that we could have called you sooner.”

Here are five facts about hospice care that might help you or a loved one understand the philosophy of hospice.iStock_FB_long stem sunflower

1.  Hospice is a compassionate concept of care.

2.  It’s not about giving up, it’s about surrounding you or your loved one  with the support you need to manage symptoms and pain in the comfort of your own home or any location where the patient has chosen to live.

3.  We don’t do anything to make death come earlier; we help ease the burden on the primary caregiver and focus on keeping the patient as comfortable as possible.

4.  We believe in the quality of life. Hospice is about having peace, comfort and support in the last season of life.

5.  People tend to think hospice is a last resort, but statistics show it is most effective when people call us earlier.

Our home care and hospice programs are designed to enhance the quality of life for those who are struggling with serious health issues.

We offer 24/7 home care and hospice services in an area that covers 6,600 miles in the communities throughout the Roaring Fork, Colorado, Crystal, and Eagle River valleys.

Call us at 970-930-6008 for more information on our services.

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